Top 5 Most Historical Movies of All Time

Want your next movie night to be based on history and facts? Historical films may not always be accurate, but may still generate interest within the genre. Since the 50’s, past movies have become more popular as the Roman era, world wars, and even the middle ages brought interest in movie-goers.

With that said, here are the top 5 most historical movies of all time.

Schindler’s List

Oskar Schindler, a greedy businessman who becomes the least expected humanitarian, feels the need to turn his factory into a secret refuge for Jews during the Nazi reign. Based on the true story, Schindler managed to save over 1,000 Jews from concentration camps.

Saving Private Ryan

During the invasion of Normandy in 1944, the 2nd ranger battalion fought ashore to secure grounds. During the fight, two brothers were killed, and one was KIA. Their mother received all three telegrams within the same day. The US army chief of staff took the opportunity to save her from further grief when he decides to save the last fourth brother and bring him home.


At the brink of the defeat of the Soviet Union, German’s third Reich Adolf Hitler proclaims to fight to the last man standing. The film explores the final days where German leaders defected from the Fuhrer to save their lives while others pledged to die as a Nazi.

The Lion in Winter
As King Henry plans to announce the next successor to the throne, his three sons fight over the title while he wants his son John to take over. His wife Queen Eleanor believes their other son, Richard should be king. The brothers devise plans to make the undecided King make up his mind.


The fourth addition to the depiction of the historical American civil war features the re-enactment of the marches over the same grounds of the civil war. The film depicts the defense of the three-day battle near the defense of the Little Round Top and speeches of the commanding officers in the fight.

Do you have a favorite historical movie you would like to share with us? Comment below and tell us!




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