Top 5 Romantic Movies of All Time

Looking for the best movies based on romance? From modern films like the Notebook and Gone with the Wind, romantic movies offer a broad range of genres. Here are our top five romantic movies of all time.

When Harry Met Sally

Knowing each other for nearly 27 years, Harry and Sally have been great friends and thought about taking their friendship to the next level. However, both feared that sex would ruin their friendship. After reconnected a decade later, feelings start to erupt, and love begins to grow.

The Notebook

Based on the adaptation of Nicholas Spark’s bestselling novel, the Notebook builds on and an elder man named Noah who visits a fellow patron in a nursing home. Every day he reads an old notebook that tells the tale of a couple who falls in love and separate during the Second World War. After seven years, the woman discovers that the man built their dream home and visited him, despite being engaged to somebody else.


The fictional tale of the sinking RMS Titanic stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, who are members of different social classes. The two meet one night during the voyage when Winslet attempts to jump off the ship. Until then, the couple begins to fall in love despite the fact that Winslet has a fiancé and is held nearly on a threat to her mother.

Sleepless in Seattle

Based on a widowed father, a son calls a radio station to wish for a new wife for his father. When a woman named Anne Reeds listens in, she immediately falls for him, along with the rest of Seattle. However, she is presently engaged, and he has no idea that they were meant for each other.

Love, Actually

Considered as the ultimate romantic comedy of the decade, Love involves more than one love story with a dozen characters. All included within the course of Christmas.

What is your favorite romantic film of all time? Is it one of the following on this list? Comment below and tell us what you think!