Centigrade (2007) The Movie Full Review

Centigrade comes with an intriguing concept – a man kidnapped, trapped in his own trailer, desperately fighting for survival, as the heat is becoming unbearable (hence the name “Centigrade”, another name for “Celsius”). There is no explanation, no knowledge of his kidnappers, no greater framework in which the events could be placed  – Centigrade is a thrilling story about an almost primal struggle for survival of a trapped man.

The film was made in 2007, as a debut of an American actor and director Colin Cunningham (best known for his role in TNT channel’s series Falling Skies, as John Pope). It was made in Canada, with a small budget of 20 000 CAD (15 000 USD, as per today’s exchange rate). Initially Cunningham planned on having another actor take the main role, but due to difficulties eventually he decided to take it himself. Centigrade was met with huge critical acclaim, receiving numerous awards and nominations, such as Cinequest Film Festival Award for Best Narrative Film and Leo Award for Best Short Drama. It was also featured at the Cannes Short Festival in 2008.

You Will Feel it All

Colin Cunningham does a brilliant job in transferring the protagonist’s emotions to theCentigrade movie cover viewer, both as a director and an actor (as he also plays the main character). The film manages to captivate the viewers’ attention completely, engulfing them in desperation and fear the character is feeling.

While watching Centigrade, you are the man in the trailer – you are watching the thermometer’s bar inevitably rise, as one after another your attempts to escape the trap fail, and you realize just how terrifying your situation is. All of this happens without much explanation, adding confusion to the already impressive gamut of emotions.

This transference is largely achieved thanks to ingenious camera work – the scenes are shot almost exclusively inside the trailer, inspiring a feeling of claustrophobic dread in the viewer. Cunningham chose unusual, nauseating angles for many of his scenes – a small detail which works brilliantly to create an intense atmosphere.Last but not least, a word needs to be said about Colin’s acting – none of it would have been achieved if not for his amazing performance. Colin manages to capture the character’s rising desperation perfectly – fear, confusion, anger and desperation – he portrayed all of these emotions perfectly.

The question of justice – “Centigrade” Enigma

Cunningham’s character is an interesting choice: he is portrayed as a violent man who physically abuses his son. Despite the short length of the film, we get a very clear picture of the protagonist. In the very first scene of the movie, he assaults his son for no reason, forcing him to run away into the night.

Empty bottles and beer cans, as well the horrible mess in the trailer give us a hint as to what kind of a person (and father) he is. It is undeniably hard to empathize with a character like that – yet the viewer might find himself doing so anyway, witnessing the inhumane suffering he is subjected to.

Centigrade offers no answers, but it does provoke many questions, leaving the viewer to ponder on the events of the film. This makes the viewer wonder about things like – “Did his kidnappers trap him in order to punish him, or do they have another goal? Does he deserve such cruel punishment?”. This ambiguity regarding the nature of his tormentors adds great value to the film, leaving viewers to craft their own theories with what little information they are provided. It will certainly be a treat to watch longer version of Cunningham’s film, on which he is currently working, although few details are known. By the way, since the movie is out from cinemas long ago (2007) now it’s made available the full movie for streaming online free on Megamovies, or order the DVD.

Centigrade (2007) Summary – Totally Deserves Watch Time

Cunningham’s film is a unique production, well deserving the critical acclaim it has received. Centigrade will make you feel every second of the character’s suffering, keeping you at the edge of your seat till the end, like a proper thriller should.

Centigrade will make some of the viewers question their own morality and sense of justice – and for a 17-minute production, this does not happen often. Last but not least, Centigrade will imprint its mark on you, leaving you with an uneasy feeling for a long time after you’re done watching it.

Top 7 Highest Paid Actors of All Time

No matter who you ask, everyone will have their favorite movie. When it comes to deciding a favorite movie, the debate is endless. What that comes actors with different levels of skill. However, despite their skill movie stars also make a great living. The stars on the list below are rated as the highest paid actors of all time.

Here are the top seven highest paid actors of all time.

Johnny Depp

As an American actor, John Christopher is also a musician and producer. As of date, he has won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor and Golden Globe Award. With over a broad range of characters, John Depp has managed to own the characters and stole the spotlight.

Leonardo Di Caprio

Another American actor on the list is Leonardo Di Caprio, who started his career in acting in the early 90s. Since his start in commercials, Leo, as starred, is different soap operas, sitcoms, and film adaptations. His 1996 film Titanic became the highest-grossing film until Avatar took over in 2009.

Shahrukh Khan

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

While not as famous in the western film industry Shah Rukh Khan is an Indian Bollywood actor, producer, and TV personality. With over eighty Bollywood films in his name, he has also been awarded fourteen Filmfare Awards. Aside from shooting countless films, he is also the co-chairman of Red Chillies Entertainment, the motion picture production company and the Indian Premier League team Kolkata Knight Riders.

Tom Hanks

Thomas “Tom” Hanks is an American actor and fellow filmmaker. Some of his major roles include Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Philadelphia, Saving Private Ryan, The Da Vinci Code, Cast Away, and more. To date, Tom Hanks has been nominated for five Academy Awards and two Oscar awards. His roles were played in some of the most timeless movies of all time.

Robert De Niro

image bywikimedia commons

Appearing in over a hundred films since the start of his career, Robert De Niro has built an active career of developing character in the movie. At the age of 16, he quit high school to pursue acting and focuses on how to lose himself in character.

Will Smith

Jack Nicholson

With over sixty years of performing, Jack Nicholson is known for his large list of roles that include comedy, romance and psychopathic characters. With twelve academy award nominations, he is the most nominated male actor in the entire history of the Academy.




Al Pacino

Known as one of the greatest actors of all time, Al Pacino made a name for himself since the early 70s. Pacino is known for his success in The Godfather.’

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Top 5 Most Historical Movies of All Time

Want your next movie night to be based on history and facts? Historical films may not always be accurate, but may still generate interest within the genre. Since the 50’s, past movies have become more popular as the Roman era, world wars, and even the middle ages brought interest in movie-goers.

With that said, here are the top 5 most historical movies of all time.

Schindler’s List

Oskar Schindler, a greedy businessman who becomes the least expected humanitarian, feels the need to turn his factory into a secret refuge for Jews during the Nazi reign. Based on the true story, Schindler managed to save over 1,000 Jews from concentration camps.

Saving Private Ryan

During the invasion of Normandy in 1944, the 2nd ranger battalion fought ashore to secure grounds. During the fight, two brothers were killed, and one was KIA. Their mother received all three telegrams within the same day. The US army chief of staff took the opportunity to save her from further grief when he decides to save the last fourth brother and bring him home.


At the brink of the defeat of the Soviet Union, German’s third Reich Adolf Hitler proclaims to fight to the last man standing. The film explores the final days where German leaders defected from the Fuhrer to save their lives while others pledged to die as a Nazi.

The Lion in Winter
As King Henry plans to announce the next successor to the throne, his three sons fight over the title while he wants his son John to take over. His wife Queen Eleanor believes their other son, Richard should be king. The brothers devise plans to make the undecided King make up his mind.


The fourth addition to the depiction of the historical American civil war features the re-enactment of the marches over the same grounds of the civil war. The film depicts the defense of the three-day battle near the defense of the Little Round Top and speeches of the commanding officers in the fight.

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Top 5 Romantic Movies of All Time

Looking for the best movies based on romance? From modern films like the Notebook and Gone with the Wind, romantic movies offer a broad range of genres. Here are our top five romantic movies of all time.

When Harry Met Sally

Knowing each other for nearly 27 years, Harry and Sally have been great friends and thought about taking their friendship to the next level. However, both feared that sex would ruin their friendship. After reconnected a decade later, feelings start to erupt, and love begins to grow.

The Notebook

Based on the adaptation of Nicholas Spark’s bestselling novel, the Notebook builds on and an elder man named Noah who visits a fellow patron in a nursing home. Every day he reads an old notebook that tells the tale of a couple who falls in love and separate during the Second World War. After seven years, the woman discovers that the man built their dream home and visited him, despite being engaged to somebody else.


The fictional tale of the sinking RMS Titanic stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, who are members of different social classes. The two meet one night during the voyage when Winslet attempts to jump off the ship. Until then, the couple begins to fall in love despite the fact that Winslet has a fiancé and is held nearly on a threat to her mother.

Sleepless in Seattle

Based on a widowed father, a son calls a radio station to wish for a new wife for his father. When a woman named Anne Reeds listens in, she immediately falls for him, along with the rest of Seattle. However, she is presently engaged, and he has no idea that they were meant for each other.

Love, Actually

Considered as the ultimate romantic comedy of the decade, Love involves more than one love story with a dozen characters. All included within the course of Christmas.

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Top 5 Superhero Movies of All Time

As more superheroes are starting to rise on the big screen, it’s no surprise why they’ve become a big hit. With Superman as the first modern superhero to hit the large screen, the man in the cape is still taking the 20th century at full force. With an extensive list of superheroes, we’ve narrowed down the top five superhero movies of all time.

The Avengers

Hitting the box office numbers at $1.5 billion, The Avengers become one of the top most popular comic films of all time. The Avengers represent the first dynamic superhero team. Fans enjoyed the film and received nearly four times the treatment than X-men.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight became the center of the crime saga as Heath Ledger’s Joker performance became a force of nature. The Clown Prince of Crime paired brilliantly with Gotham’s Batman. The Joker made a chilling performance as he becomes the most famous villain in the world of Superheroes.

Spiderman 2

As the second series of Spiderman, the film ranks high on our list even after ten years. While this series drifts from the original comics, the hero versus villain provides a smart battle between both sides. The movie also features one of the best fighting scenes in comic book film history and even showed an emotional conclusion of Spiderman being protected by the citizens of New York.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America starts after the Avengers as he picks up in his life after World War Two. The film also includes Nick Fury, the Black Widow, and Alexander Pierce as well as S.H.I.E.L.D to help make up the connection to Captain America. The film suggests the comparison with Superman.

X2: X-Men United

X2 provides a legit step forward towards comic book drama. The cast involves the infamous Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and the villain Col. Stryker. With more iconic characters in the mix, the story stands high in the thrill and center of emotions in the story.

What is your favorite movie of all time? Comment below and share your opinions with us!